Which parameters are listed and why?

In addition to the content of the database this webpage also contain some basic explanations on what properties are used to characterize solid biomass fuels.
What is analyzed and why is it done?
What does it mean to the quality of the fuel when a specific parameter is higher than average or higher compared to another fuel?
Please find information about the different parameters by clicking at the link below:

Main properties of solid biomass fuels (eg. moisture, ash content, GCV)

Main fuel elements (H, C, O, N, S, Cl)

Main ash forming elements (Ca, Si, Al, Mg, Fe, K, Na, S, Cl)

Water solubles (K, Na, Cl)

Trace elements (eg. Cd, Pb, Zn, Cr, Ti, Mn)

Ash components

Ash melting (temperature of deformation, hemisphere and flow)