The BIOLEX database contains several types of properties for the samples of solid biomass fuels and in order to view this, they are sorted into subcategories such as:

Major parts of the samples in the BIOLEX database have been analyzed for some of the properties listed above. It is thus useful look at average values of samples from the same classification. Considering this, the layout of the database is primarily programmed to view average values for different categories of solid biomass fuels, but additionally it offers the possibility to view data from single samples.

The samples of the database are classified and organized using the classification of the technical specification by CEN/TS 14961, which is likely to be the standard for classification of solid biomass fuels in the future. More information about this classification standard is found in classification according to CEN.

The usage of the database is quite straight forward, but if you need instruction on using the database please take a look at how to use the database.