Welcome to Biolex – a database of solid biomass fuels

Biolex is a database that contains information about the composition and important characteristics such as e.g. heating value and ash melting of solid biomass fuels.

Biolex gives gives you the opportunity to achieve information about both analyses data from single samples as well as average data from different catagories of solid biomass fuel. It also offers the possibility to compare properties between different solid bio fuels.

The database is focusing on solid biomass fuels that are utilized or produced in Denmark e.g. wood chips and wheat straw. Furthermore it contains several samples of more uncommon solid biomass fuels that have potential to be used as future biomass fuel e.g. olive stones, husks, etc.
At present the database contains about 300 samples and will grow further due to updates with new samples analyzed by the partners of the project and FORCE Technology.

The aim of the database is to provide the public, scientific and industrial community the opportunity to answer typical questions such as:

  • What is the average ash content of wood pellets?
  • What is the heating value of olive stones?
  • What sulfur (S) concentrations are normal in wheat straw?
  • How does the composition of olive stones compare to wood pellets?
  • Etc.

Due to the fact that the Biolex database is attempted to be used by both professionals as well as curios beginners, some general explanations on typical analyzed proporties and why these are important for the evaluation and characterization of biomass fuels, have been added to the website.

The web page does also comprise a short introduction to the European CEN classification for solid biomass fuels. The data and samplea in the Biolex database are structured according to this new classification.